Our Concept

Be who you are

The problem for a lot of LGBTQ people in Dalarna is that they feel like outsiders and can’t be open about their situation. But everybody has the right to be who they are, regardless of who they love. With the concept “Be who you are/Var den du är” we want to show that RFSL Dalarna is a meeting space where you can be who you are, regardless of if you are LGBTQ or something else.

Prejudice and fear of society’s reactions leads to many LGBTQ people not being open about their sexual orientation or HIV status. Many choose to live a double life, which can lead to mental health problems.

By being in different places in society, RFSL Dalarna wants to show that we who are LGBTQ are ordinary people with the same emotions, thoughts and reflections as everybody else. RFSL Dalarna often works as a life line. In our work we can help people to slowly but surely build courage, strength, openness and self confidence. Together we can decrease the prejudice and increase the understanding between people.