We Are Survivors

– a campaign to motivate newly arrived migrants to get tested for HIV.

Just like everybody you have the right to a good life. Your life. No matter where you’re from, what you have been through or what you dream about.

”We Are Survivors” is an initiative by RFSL Dalarna and Hiv-Sverige to focus on newly arrived, who have been through hardships and now are dreaming of a new life. Gender, age, sexual orientation or illness should not stop them. The dream of a new life. A good life. Their own.

Right now 60 million people are fleeing.
 They all carry a dream of a safe and normal life. In Sweden nobody is deported because of HIV, but in 22 countries people are. So it’s no wonder that 40 % of the refugees in Sweden are afraid to get tested for HIV.

The initiative

During the fall 2015 gick RFSL Dalarna and Hiv-Sverige launched the initiative ”We Are Survivors”. The aim was to get refugees in Sweden to feel strengthened and secure and get them to trust the Swedish system. It was also to encourage them to get tested for HIV and not let HIV stop their dreams. If you are treated, you can live a normal life with HIV today.

The initiative was started with a campaign consisting of a movie, a website in seven different languages, ads on Facebook and posters at refugee accommodations and the Migration Agency.

And the result is…

In February 2016 the movie has been viewed over a million times! Over 190.000 people have been reached by the campaign on Facebook, and the campaign has also gotten attention in Swedish and international media. It was, for example, nominated in Eurobest (the European Championship in advertising) and was recognized by the international websites Ads of the World, Best Ads On Tv and Coloribus, adeevee and Advertolog.

We Are Survivors webbplats

We Are Survivors Facebook

Welcome out!

Everybody has the right to be who they are, regardless of who they love. The problem for many LGBTQ people in Dalarna is that they feel like outsiders and cannot be open about their situation. With the campaign “Välkommen ut” (welcome out) we wanted to raise the awareness about LGBTQ people’s lives and get more people to visit RFSL’s activities, and that way meet people in the same situation. RFSL Dalarna regularly organizes social get-togethers, so called café nights. In order for more people to know about RFSL and the activities we launched the campaign ”Välkommen ut”.

The campaign

The campaign consisted of us placing real closets in different places in Falun and Borlänge. We also got one member from RFSL to live inside one of the closets. After two days he came out and told the story of how RFSL Dalarna had been a support and had helped him.

The result

After the campaign we saw an 106 % increase in visitors at café nights compared to the previous year, and 18 % of the visitors had never been there before. Furthermore the campaign was awarded the reward “Årets HBTQ-projekt i Dalarna” by Falu Pride.

Välkommen ut garderob

Välkommen ut rekord

Välkommen ut Micke

Välkommen ut matta