RFSL Newcomers


Newcomers Café

Newcomers Café is a place where LGBTQ asylum seekers, refugees and people who have moved to Sweden can meet other LGBTQ people and have a coffee.

The café is open at Myntgatan 39 B, Falun, the second Wednesday of every month. The café will also be open every Friday at 12 pm – 3 pm at Församlingsgården, Faluvägen 1, Ludvika, in the basement of the white house, in the park at Stadshuset.

For more information: newcomers@dalarna.rfsl.se
Or call Torbjörn Claesson on 0240 669 025.


Newcomers – a network within RFSL

RFSL Newcomers is a network for LGBTQ asylum-seeking, undocumented, and newly arrived people. Our members come from all parts of the world and have often experienced persecution in their native countries because of their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Newcomers was created because many asylum-seeking and newly arrived LGBTQ people feel that they are not given proper support or information about their rights when they arrive in Sweden. Today, Newcomers is a support group as well as a social meeting space. We organize regular get-togethers with activities and advice.

We work for equality and strengthened rights for asylum seekers and newly arrived LGBTQ people. We work through, among other things, spreading information about the current political and legal situation for asylum seeking LGBTQ people in Sweden. We also strive to increase the knowledge of the problems, in the forms of oppression, insecurity and social vulnerability, that asylum seeking LGBTQ people can experience.

RFSL participates in different asylum political contexts and works actively to create more cooperations with other national and international actors that work with asylum- and/or LGBTQ issues.
Please contact newcomers@dalarna.rfsl.se or 076-5725107 for more information.