School Information

To spread important and accurate information

RFSL Dalarna is a politically independent branch. Our most important task is to inform about homo-, bi-, trans- and queer people’s (LGBTQ) rights. We do that by giving lectures and spreading LGBTQ information, foremost at schools, businesses and workplaces, in order to stop prejudice and fear.

Many youth have never met an LGBTQ person before, we want to show that we are ordinary people, with the exact same feelings, thoughts and reflections as everybody else.

Another aim is to act as role models for the LGBTQ youth in the classes. The coming out process can be seen as problematic when you’re young and it’s important that these youths get to see that they’re not alone and that there is somewhere they can turn with their thoughts. We also do interviews for school projects.

Our school communicators

All our school communicators are trained and have experience in standing in front of a school class. They know how to deal with sensitive issues and they speak from their own experience. We prefer that our visit is prepared by you discussing the subject before we come.

RFSL Dalarna has worked with school information for some years, something that has been very appreciated. Every school information is held by two people and our fees are a starting sum of 100 SEK per day (regardless of the number of classes) and an hourly fee of 200 SEK per communicator per started hour. We prefer it that no information is shorter than 45 minutes.

The fee is paid directly to the communicators, not to RFSL Dalarna. Price example: 1 information = 600 SEK, 2 informations = 1000 SEK, 3 informations = 1400 SEK and so on.

If you want to book a visit or have any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch with us at telephone number 073-681 10 19 or by e-mail