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RFSLPhoto: Eveline Johnsson

RFSL does sexual political opinion forming and our branches around Sweden provide important social meeting spaces. RFSL works for LGBTQ people, but everybody who wants to support LGBTQ people's rights are of course welcome!

By becoming a member of RFSL you are not only supporting our sexual political work, you can also participate in the activities that are arranged locally within RFSL Dalarna. With you as a member we become even stronger when we work on issues that shouldn’t be an issue.

RFSL works for LGBTQ people’s rights, but we of course welcome everybody who wants to support our work.

Yes, please! I want to become a member.

Thank you for, through your membership, wanting to support RFSL and our work for LGBTQ people’s rights!

Here you can pay your membership fee, both as a new member or if you want to extend your membership. You can pay through automatic payment service, bank giro or credit card.

As a member of RFSL you get:

  • RFSL’s magazine KomUt! The editorial staff also publishes the web magazine K-online.
  • The possibility to log in to RFSL’s member pages on the Internet where you can find other RFSL members.
  • The branch’s newsletter via mail or e-mail.
  • Discount on the entrance fee at RFSL’s parties all over the country.
  • The right to participate at RFSL’s events, like the congress, courses and conferences.
  • The possibility to influence both the branch’s and the National Office’s work.

Price for membership:

Whole year 100:-

For you who can’t/don’t want to pay via Internet:

Deposit 100:- at Bank giro account 5824-1944. State: Date of birth, First- and last name, Complete address. Branch: Dalarna

Phone number, including mobile, and possible e-mail address.

Extending existing membership

If you have a paying in-form with an OCR number, use that. Otherwise deposit the membership fee at bank giro 5824-1944 and state your membership number.