We Are Survivors 2016


RFSL Dalarna and Hiv-Sverige reach out to newly arrived in national testing campaign

On Wednesday October 26th RFSL Dalarna and Hiv-Sverige jointly launched the national information campaign ”We Are Survivors 2016” to help mory newly arrived dare to get tested for HIV. The main message of the campaign is “don’t let HIV stand in the way of your dreams” and it’s now being spread through social media, partly with the help of a film where Tatelicious, a transsexual, newly arrived woman with HIV talks about her new life in Sweden.

One million views on Facebook

The campaign that started last year has had a big impact. The film from 2015 was shown about a million times at Facebook. This year’s effort is just as big and is financed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden with the aim of getting more newly arrived to dare find out their HIV status.

The campaign has meant a lot for RFSL Dalarna. More people have noticed our work and the number of newly arrived that come to our club house has increased significantly, says Mats Eriksson, president of RFSL Dalarna.

National campaign in ten languages 

Apart from the movie there is also a website with HIV information. To reach as many in the target group as possible all parts of the campaign are texted in ten different languages:  Dari, Somali, Tigrinja, Thai, French, Arabic, Shona, Kurmanji, English and Swedish.

– We are incredibly proud and happy about the cooperation and that the campaign has been given attention in Sweden by authorities, the target group and also by organizations in the other Nordic countries. The way to success has been that we have worked together, we know that initiatives that are developed together with the target group are the ones that really yeald results, says Farhad Mazi Esfahani, Hiv-Sverige.

The campaign ”We Are Survivors” is developed with the communications bureau Magic Circle and the film production company Tarot Pictures.

I’s been a big challenge and enritching in many ways for us as communicators. To get to work with such an important issue has shown that communication can make a big difference for many people, says Patrik Lindkvist, CEO and creative director, Magic Circle.

Work group:
Mats Eriksson, president RFSL Dalarna
Farhad Mazi Esfahani, business developer Hiv-Sverige
Patrik Lindkvist and Annika Brännström, Magic Circle
Marcus Storm, director Tarot Pictures
Carl Sander, producer Tarot Pictures

Read more at wearesurvivors.se