Our Work

We are where you are

Prejudice and worries about how others will react keep many LGBTQ people from being open about their sexual orientation or HIV status. Many choose to live a double life, which can lead to mental ill-health.

RFSL Dalarna works so that you as en LGBTQ person in Dalarna will able to live openly and have a good social life. Queer is a broad term that can mean many things but it is fundamentally a questioning of the hetero norm.

Our work is to inform and work against prejudice and to be a natural meeting place where you as homo, bi, trans or queer can be who you are. We do that by, among other things, working with school information, holding lectures, having movie nights and different café nights for, for example, youth and newly arrived migrants. A few times a year we organize rainbow parties with Club Etage i Falun.

Apart from our social work a big part of our work is to inform and being the region’s conversation partner in LGBTQ issues. We approach local politicians and work with information and opinion forming in Dalarna’s county council and municipalities. One of our work groups works with submitting citizen proposals and writing debate articles.