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Be yourself

Prejudice and concerns about people’s reactions make many LGBT-people afraid to be open about their sexual orientation. Therefore, many lead double lives that may affect both their mental and physical health. That is something that RFSL Dalarna wants to change.

We are where you are

RFSL Dalarna’s main objective is to inform and be a role model for LGBT people and work against prejudice, ignorance, and fear in the county. To spread information about hiv/aids as well as other sexually transmitted infections (STI) is also an important part of what we do. Many times we function as a kind of life raft for LGBT people by helping them to slowly build their courage, strength, and openness.

It can never be wrong to love each other

Beside our social activities, we work with campaigns, cooperate with different schools, participate in youth conventions, and help arrange the Falu Pride-festival. In addition, we talk to local politicians and work with information and building opinions in the County Council of Dalarna and its municipalities. The purpose of all of RFSL Dalarna’s work is to improve the physical and psychological well being of LGBT people and persons living with hiv in our province.

This is us

RFSL Dalarna is a politically independent and non-profit section of the national federation RFSL. RFSL Dalarna’s main venue is the clubhouse at Slaggatan 1-3 in central Falun. In our clubhouse we arrange, for instance, social events called café evenings, lectures, movie nights, meetings for relatives, and evenings for newly arrived migrants. Here you can borrow films, books and receive free condoms and lubrication. You can also ask about hiv and find out where you can test yourself for hiv, free of charge and anonymously.

Please contact us at:

Phone: 023-161 25, Wednesdays 7 pm to 9 pm
Visiting Address: Myntgatan 39B, i Falun.
Postal address: Box 401, 791 28 Falun
E-mail: dalarna@rfsl.se
E-mail school information: skolinfo@dalarna.rfsl.se

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